Music:  love anything i can dance to especially---i have very eclectic tastes from THE stones to tchaikovsky---and most in between
     Movies: Forrest Gump is an all time fav as well as the 6th sense i just love the suspense/makes you think movies except---currently really into really dumb comedies...!!! go figure i just must not feel like thinking right now
      T.V.  i dont really watch much but seinfeld is the all time bomb---which one are you?  I am....guess :)  i also love love love the csi shows and forensic files!
      Food: ice cream and ice cream and oh yea----ice cream
      Place: anywhere warm with lots of sun and water---its only paradise though if you are with your loved ones...
     Icon:  Marilyn---super sexy, sweet and slightly psycho---such a normal woman after all
      Book: " the 4 agreements" by don miguel ruiz
     Position:  lotus posture ;p---hahaha!!! gotcha!

and oh yeah---i HATE to capitalize when i type!!!