Brief Bio

Born: June 4,1968---yes i am 41 and trying to embrace each day of it!!!

           i am a GEMINI and try to embrace each moment of that too---
  Hometown: somewhere in Central Ohio---and for the life of me i can't seem to get out!!
  Hair: blonde
  Eyes: so blue you will want to fall in and never escape (hehehe---but it was one of the better lines i've heard)
  Height: 5'7"---almost---
  Weight: sometimes 135# ---sometimes not.....

I started lifting weights and working out in 1991 after i graduated college and at 23 years old could barely make it thru a full work day---i couldn't even run a 1/4 mile and could barely walk 1 mile!  My physician urged me to start exercising---of course i ignored that suggestion for 6 months but then finally in December of 1991 joined a gym and changed my life---much for the better!

I attended aerobics classes at first then about 2 months later ventured into the "gym" and had the owners show me what to do with the weights and machines.  I was told "weight lifting is the fountain of youth"---a motto that i believe and repeat to this day!!!  Just a couple months later i found myself not only lifting several times per week but also instructing aerobics classes! Me! The girl who could not walk a mile!!! WOW!

As I continued to lift and instruct i noticed a couple of the other girls in the gym who seemed really dedicated---i later found out they were training for a bodybuilding competition!!! I also knew of a couple male aquaintances who were also competing in the same show---and i planned to attend this competition and cheer everyone on!

I attended my 1st body building competition in late 1992 and caught the bug!!! I immediately became more serious about my training and thought just maybe....

                                      more later....