Hi i'm Dawnice and i want to welcome you to my website.  This is something i have wanted to do for years and finally it is done.  I have competed in figure competitions in the NPC for years but i am now going back to FITNESS!!! which i truly love and have missed!!!  i have also competed in bodybuilding before there ever was fitness or figure!  I will be honest and say i truly loved bodybuidling as there is nothing better than flexing the muscle you have worked so hard for!  i still will compete in regional bodybuilding events as a "reward" for myself at the end of a rough season and who knows....may even go back to my "1st love"!!!

   I am a very energetic and outgoing person and hope to energize all who visit this site.  I love to work out and take care of myself but will admit that this has not always been an easy task---I think we all have barriers we must overcome to continue to better ourselves.  This continues to be a daily challenge and one i am sure i share with many who read this. 

   Finally, this site has many features and all of them are not for everybody---but i think anyone interested in a positive approach to health and fitness as well as those who simply like to take in the visual beauty of the outcomes of such a lifestyle will find a home here....